Who We Are

1st Call Services is a construction management firm that has been specializing in multifamily construction services for several decades. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, 1st Call Services provides a variety of services ranging from property level support, general contracting, and construction management.

Our Services

Property Support

· Physical Needs Assessments
· Capital Replacement Construction Scopes
· Emergency Assistance· Lighting Efficiency Evaluations
· Maintenance Expense Evaluations
· Maintenance Supervisor Technical Skills Assessment
· TDHCA and REAC Evaluations and Preparations
· Unit Turn Assistance

General Contracting & Construction Management

General Construction for projects such as:
· Wood & Painto Asphalt & Concrete Repairs
· Retaining Wall Repairso Swimming Pool Resurface & Code Upgrades
· Roof Replacements
· Perimeter Wood Fencing & Dumpster Enclosures

Construction Management for projects such as:
· Capital Improvements
· Energy Conservation Retrofits – REO Improvements
· Capital Improvement Plans

Major Property Loss:
· Loss adjustment
· Reconstruction

Tool Incentive Program

Our incentive program will
· Reduce expenses on your community
· Increase productivity of your maintenance teamo Increase customer service
· Equip your maintenance team members with the proper tools
· Reduce maintenance team turn-over

Maintenance Training & Support

Our maintenance training and support services are designed to provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for all aspects of property maintenance.

Property & Maintenance Support

Our property and maintenance support team offers comprehensive services to ensure that your property is always well-maintained. Our maintenance training sessions are held twice a month, we also provide 24-hour phone support for any maintenance emergencies that may arise. In the event of an emergency, our team is ready to provide immediate assistance. We also offer purchasing assistance.

Classes We Offer

Our property and maintenance support team offers a variety of classes to enhance your skills and knowledge in property maintenance. From E.P.A. 608A Certification to HVAC Level 1, Swimming Pool Maintenance, Sheetrock Repair & Mold Evaluation, and Roof Repair, we provide comprehensive training to ensure that you are well-equipped to handle various maintenance tasks effectively.