Construction Management & General Contracting

1st Call’s Construction Management and General Contracting Services includes…

  • Capital Improvements
  • Insurance Reconstruction
  • Energy Conservation Retrofits
  • REO Improvements
  • Capital Improvement plans

Our Construction Process…

  • Produce a scope of work with specifications for your project
  • Create a bid package including three bids and insurance documentation
  • Create contract and associated documents
  • Schedule and facilitate pre-construction meeting with your staff
  • Manage issues such as scheduling, change orders, complaints, etc.
  • Visit community as needed for draw requests, warranty inspections, etc.
  • Schedule and facilitate final walk for completion with all concerned
  • Process final draw and lien release documentation to the customer
  • Provide a completed project file and warranties to the customer


 “I suppose you can save some money, if you don’t charge for your time, if nothing goes wrong, and if all the work is up to par, but there’s no guarantee. Part of our job is to get the best prices from the contractors that work with us, and they’re willing to offer those prices because they know the job will be organized and we tell them exactly what we expect them to do, which saves them time. And they know that if they do a great job, We will have other work for them in the future. A Community Manager doesn’t have that kind of leverage.”

Cost: 7.5% of contract billed to the community.